I'm an experienced and commercially published photographer specializing in landscape, nature, outdoor, and travel photography.

I'm available for a variety of projects such as, editorial, commission projects, product endorsements, private lessons, workshops, speaker & presenter events, licensing Images, and travel projects. If there is a photography project you are interested in working with me on not listed here. Please contact me.

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I'm available for private lessons, recording and songwriting, small or large scale performing performances, licensing. If you're interested in working together on a music project. Contact me. I love working on any musical project large or small scale. 

*Music is available for streaming and download on all major outlets worldwide. 


CustardAPL was founded in late 2016. It is the company name that I operate under for all of my photography and music work. All copyright and publishing rights are owned by me and CustardAPL for music and photography. 

*Please use the Contact Form to get in touch with any questions or inquiries. I try my best to reply within 48 hours. 

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