An Epic Sunrise and Sunset | Thoughts From The Road & Landscape Photography #7

Death Valley is a place I’ve wanted to visit for the longest time. Long before Landscape Photography became such an important part of my life. The hiker and nature lover in me was always intrigued and drawn to this magical desert. 

It had been a hectic and uncertain 72 hours of government shutdowns and not knowing whether to go to Death Valley or not. I finally decided to take the chance. Government shutdown or not, I was going to venture out to Death Valley. 

From Las Vegas, I arrived at Dante’s View around 5am, and I had a good hour before sunrise. This location truly looks and feels other worldly. 

The goal here was abstract utilizing the 70-200mm lens. I was very pleased with the results! I even ended up taking a more traditional landscape image as the sun was hitting the top of a mountain out in the distance. 

In truth I did less photography and more sight seeing in Dante’s View but with good reason. 

Dante's View-Death Valley.JPG
Dante's View-Death Valley-4.JPG

Zabriskie Point is perhaps the most famous location in Death Valley. It’s loved by photographers for its endless composition possibilities. I explored shooting both east and west. While I enjoyed the sunset shoot in Zabriskie Point, I was anxiously ready for sand dunes the next day. 

ZabriskiePoint-Death Valley-2.JPG
ZabriskiePoint-Death Valley-4.JPG
ZabriskiePoint-Death Valley-5.JPG

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