Thoughts From The Road and Landscape Photography #1

Location: Redwood National and State Park, California. 


“In the Redwood’s Again, and Hello YouTube” 

Redwood National and State Park is a special place for me because it is the location where my landscape photography journey began almost six years ago. Little did I know my long time love of hiking and being out in nature would perfectly compliment this style of photography. A lot has changed since then, and I feel blessed to be able to continue to explore locations such as these so often. On this trip I visited a part of the Redwood’s I had never been to before. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, which is closets to Crescent City in California. After watching a video by a fellow YouTuber, Mads Peter Iversen, I was hooked on the idea of visiting two groves here. Stout Grove and The Boy Scout Tree Trail. When they say it’s tough to shoot inside a Redwood forest. It’s a hundred percent true! I struggled to find a solid composition or at least an angle that captures the size and wonder of these trees. No image will do them justice though. 

For most of my time inside the Redwood’s I shot with my Zeiss 21mm in order to capture as much of each scene as I could. I stayed around F8-13 most of the time. I really didn’t have wind and so I stayed at a fairly low ISO’s such as 100-400. Again the main struggle was finding the right composition amongst these giants. The weather conditions were sunny for most of the two days I was there. Now that may be great hiking weather, but when shooting inside the Redwood’s you ideally want fog, rain, mist, etc. The more natural mood that you can have, the better! I did catch some great lighting moments where the sun hit certain portions of a tree or branch. As you will see in the final image of this episode. 


The only thing I can really say about California’s Redwood National and State Park is please go visit for yourself and be in awe. These are some of the oldest, most resilient, and absolutely beautiful things on earth. 

Here in the Redwood’s I filmed my very first YouTube Episode/Vlog or however you want to call it. I gained tons of respect for those who have been YouTube Vloging for years now. Photographing, filming, and recording audio is a lot more difficult than it looks! But I’m quite excited to begin this new chapter in my life and photography journey. Every Wednesday’s I will be uploading a new episode. The channel will be primarily photography, traveling, hiking and just my perspective and experience of all this. I’m sure I will learn a lot and hopefully continue to better my technique. 

Below are the images and camera settings for the images featured on Episode one! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

With Love


ISO 100 21mm F13 0.6 sec

ISO 100 21mm F9 0.4 sec

ISO 100 75mm F13 1/6 sec (Focus Stacked) 

ISO 100 21mm F16 1.0 sec

ISO 400 35mm F11 1/5 sec