About Me: 

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Diego McCartney. I'm a landscape photographer based in Austin, Texas. While Austin has been my home since 2003, these days home is wherever I find myself on location exploring and searching for my next photograph in the great outdoors. Since my earliest memories, I've loved spending my time out in nature. 


To me landscape photography is so much more than just a hobby. It's a time when I can interact and connect with Mother Nature in a truly personal way. The time I spend searching for my next image or chasing light is time I greatly value, because it also allows me to self reflective on a number of things often times alone. I credit photography to my overall evolution in becoming a more aware and conscience human being, or at least trying to be! At this point in my photography journey, I'd like to think I'm a story teller first and photographer second. I'm constantly trying to tell a good story behind every image I take and focus less on the technical aspect. I began my journey as a landscape photographer due to various life circumstances. I was working a normal nine to five job, and I started longing to travel more and explore the world and places that had been on my bucket list for so long. I realized that nothing had ever made me feel truly happy like being out in nature or just traveling in general. No consumption ever of a physical product had done this for me. I finally realized that for me happiness was in the great outdoors and traveling as often as I could. I discovered that  I didn’t necessarily need to fly to Switzerland or Iceland to see amazing landscapes. The U.S alone has so many amazing locations. I began to share my experiences and photography on social media, and I love being able to connect and interact with other people who love nature and photography just as much as I do. In late 2017, I began sharing my landscape photography adventures on my YouTube channel.